A project by Hannington Kisembo

In a rapidly changing creative landscape, African art and design are emerging as powerful forces, capturing the attention of global audiences. Our African Architecture project, led by the talented 3D artist Hannington K., is at the forefront of this exciting movement, showcasing the immense potential of new-generation art and design on the continent.

For too long, the captivating stories and ideas born in Africa remained hidden, known only to a select few. However, with the advent of transformative technologies and the reach of social media, the game has changed. African creators, from filmmakers to game designers, now harness the power of these tools to share their creations with millions around the world.

Simultaneously, there is a growing disenchantment with mainstream productions from the West, often criticized for their recycled content and lack of originality. This shift in global attention has opened doors for indie productions and works from lesser-known cultures and communities to take centre stage.

As the African entertainment industry flourishes, there is a rising demand for unique African-themed digital assets, particularly in the realm of entertainment production. Traditionally, big-budget sci-fi movies like Black Panther have relied on 3D-generated backgrounds and buildings to create immersive worlds.

These digital assets not only reduce project duration and production costs but also offer unparalleled customization options during post-production, allowing creators to breathe life into their visions.

Hannington Kisembo recognized the immense potential of this trend and seized the opportunity to create a collection of exceptional African-themed digital assets, known as design sets. Through this project, we proudly showcase a diverse range of Ugandan architecture, incorporating both modern and traditional styles, from rural to urban environments. Our virtual movie and game sets bring these architectural wonders to life, offering a real-time showcase of their application and versatility.

Join us on this transformative journey as we break new ground, inspiring a generation of creators to embrace the wealth of African art and design. Together, let us shine a spotlight on the vibrant and untapped potential of African creativity.