Project Description

Kuttos Fashion Store™ is a Uganda-based up-scale ladies’ clothing store that has been in existence since 2016. The business started out as a small boutique but is now quickly growing to become one of Uganda’s and East Africa’s most treasured store.

At the time Kush & Kemet® was contracted to do a revamp (2018), the business had a fairly recognized name among Kampala’s female demographic but still lacked one crucial component i.e. a unique look to differentiate itself from all it’s competitors. We decided to focus on achieving just that. The store has since then moved into a much bigger space, expanded and also started to make deliveries to as far as South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and a few in Somalia.

We redesigned the logo to something simpler so it is more memorable. The hot-pink colour was maintained but reduced in favour of dark navy blue as the primary colour to give the brand a more luxurious look. The logo changed from the main graphic being a script ‘k’ in a circle to the name ‘kuttos’ in lower caps and with a hot-pint dot at the end to replace the previous circle.
For the first few months, we also promoted a full version of this new logo which read as ‘kuttos fashion store’ with the same styling and hot-pink dot at the end. The brief version of the logo was the end goal but there was a need to keep customers away of the transition.


Brand Revamp


Kuttos Fashion Store

What We Did

Rebranding, Interior Design, Social Media Ads

Social Media

For the brand’s social media accounts, we designed templates, image posts and cover photos. We then continued to work hand in hand to create new content which was primarily sales posts and promotional campaigns e.g. the 2020 New Year Sale.

We are currently working on the brand’s website which you can visit at

Facebook Page: @KuttosFashionStore

Instagram Account: @kuttosfashionstore