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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of contemporary African art. As a new branch of our creative studio, we are dedicated to showcasing the remarkable talents of artists and artisans from across the country, bringing their exquisite creations to the forefront of the art scene.

At Kush and Kemet, we believe in the power of art to inspire, provoke, and uplift. We have carefully curated a diverse group of artists and art suppliers who share our passion for capturing the soul and essence of Africa through their creations. From talented ceramicists, painters, and product designers to visionary 3D digital artists, each artist we partner with brings their unique perspective and artistic vision to the forefront.

Through our social media platforms and upcoming online store, we provide a platform for these exceptional artists to showcase their work to a global audience. Whether you are a homeowner seeking to infuse your space with contemporary African decoration items or a hospitality establishment such as hotels, resorts, safari lodges, cottages, coffee shops, or restaurants, our curated selection of art pieces will captivate and inspire you.

One of our main channels for showcasing these exceptional works is through monthly market-days and weekends. These events serve as vibrant celebrations of African creativity, where you can experience first-hand the soulful and thought-provoking themes that permeate our designs. By attending these events, you have the opportunity to engage directly with the artists, learn about their creative process, and discover the stories behind each piece.

We invite you to follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest collaborations and upcoming events. Join us on this artistic journey as we celebrate the richness of African culture, challenge conventions, and inspire conversations through the power of contemporary art.

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Meet The Team

Meet our talented team of contemporary African artists and art enthusiasts, whose visionary creations embody the spirit, heritage, and limitless creativity of Africa's artistic landscape.

Martin Agaba
Designer & Illustrator

Martin Agaba

Martin worked as a freelance contractor for different creative agencies in Uganda for over 5 years and 2 years as a founder of his own agency. His experience stretches to as far as Rwanda where he physically worked with 2 creative agencies and clients (KAPOA Contractors, Futuristic Design Group & Lifetime Africa Expeditions) and virtually with some start-ups in the UK, Nigeria and Senegal. He has participated in multiple design contests such as the Mobile Stall Design by Design Without Borders (2016), Microfinance Logo Design Contest (2016), WaziVision Eyewear Design Competition (2021).

His passion has always been to contribute solutions to Africa's problems. This he realises, can be done through boosting the the creative sector, especially while working with artisans who are more focused on creating original work.

Hannington Kisembo
3D Artist, Generalist

Hannington Kisembo

As a highly skilled 3D artist, Hannington brings a wealth of experience and strong creative background to the table. He has honed his craft over a period of over 5 years, specialising in character, environment, prop and product design. His expertise extends to industry-standard CAD software packages such as ZBrush, Substance painter, Autodesk Maya, Marvelous Designer, Fusion360 and Unreal Engine. He also has a BA. degree in Industrial and Fine Arts/Entertainment Design.

He has collaborated with some of Uganda’s leading companies in the industry including KOK Game Studio, Crossroads Animation Studio and Tech Anatomy Studio. Some notable works he contributed to include the game, Sunjata Told: Trumpet of Last Day and the movie Nambi (2022).

He is patient, resilient and a great team-player who’s always ready to take on a new challenge.


Job Rwagweri

Job is mostly known for his vibrant and patterned African-themed ceramic pieces. With more than 12 years’ experience and a Bachelors degree in industrial and fine art from Makerere, University, his knowledge of the craft is unmatched.

He has trained, worked and partnered with other in partners with other ceramics enthusiasts, with some from as far as Kenya. He currently spends most of his time at his work studio at the Uganda Industrial Research Institute in Nakawa, Uganda doing what he loves best.

Manzi Mugisa
Designer & Illustrator

Manzi Mugisa

Manzi is an experienced design generalist with more than 7 years background in the creative industry in Uganda. He has a BA. in Industrial Design from Makerere University (2019) and a Postgraduate Certificate in  Creative Artificial Intelligence  from the University of Leeds (2022).

He has won awards from different contests such as the Mobile Vending Machine Design Contest by Design Without Borders and the Young Silverback Award. He has also worked with large creative agencies in Uganda such as MAAD McCANN and is now currently a Senior Visual Designer at CoCreate.

Creative Entreprenuer

Paulette K.

Paulette, a dynamic entrepreneur, has cultivated a fruitful partnership with Ugandan artists for over five years. Together, they produce children’s storybooks and empower artisans skilled in woodworking and metalwork through Paulette Comics and Paulette Decor Arts. Leveraging state-of-the-art 3D printers and laser-cutters, Paulette’s innovative approach and business acumen have significantly contributed to her ventures’ success.

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